Azerbaijani Animation


This colorful book is dedicated to the history of Azerbaijani animation. Thanks to compiled efforts and research carried out by Azerbaijani and European film scholars, readers will learn a wealth of new information about the development of animation as an art in Azerbaijan. Unique works presented by directors and artists working in the animation field have been published in the book for the first time.


The book is a useful resource for artists, directors, animators, writers, art students and anyone who is interested in art. The colorful pictures and easily understood language make the book very interesting for children, too. 


Idea author, designer and managing editor: Rashid Aghamaliyev

Co-authors: Aydin Kazimzada, Sevinj Azimova, Rashid Aghamaliyev, Gennadi Tishenko, Karolina Chijkova, Aygun Aslanova, Aliya Dadashova, Andrey Hovanets, Kamala Rzayeva, Dadash Mammadov, Elchin Orujov, Leyla Novruzi, Olga Aghamaliyeva
Chief adviser: Elchin Hami Akhundov
Illustrator of the book cover: Andrea Feytkova
Graphic designer: Faig Aliyev
Publisher: “PERI FILM” Ltd., 2018


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