Dialogues with Zuleyha (2019)


The film is about Zuleyha Abdullayeva, a professional pianist and healer from Azerbaijan. Her patient, filmmaker Rashid Aghamaliyev, sets on an intimate journey into the art of music therapy.


Director / Producer: Rashid Aghamaliyev

With: Zuleykha Abdullayeva, Vidhi Mehrotra, Merih Ciritli

DOP: Nina Scamborova

Editor: Jorge Sanchez Calderon

Sound: Berk Tugcu, Juras Karaka

Color correction: Yan Vlnas

Graphic designer / subtitles: Nazrin Alizadeh

Project coordinator: Durna Safarova

Dedicated to: Gulshan Kengerlinskaya


Dialogues with Zuleyha was shot in co-production of  countries: Azerbaijan (Peri Film), the Czech Republic (OLIEL Company) and Georgia (Chai Khana), with the support of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In August 2019, the film became a participant of the CineDOC Summer School, organized by the CineDOC Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival (Georgia)


30/04/2021: Diploma of the Jury of 11th Baku International Short FilmFestival (Azerbaijan)

Zuleyha Poster 1.png


15/12/2020: Baku International Short Film Festival - Local Competition - Short Documentary (Worldwide)

06/12/2020: DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival - Local Competition - Short Documentary (Worldwide)

23/11/2020: International Festival of Contemporary Art "MAIDEN TOWER. To Be a Woman" - Regular screening (Worldwide)

31/10/2020: Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival - East Silver Market (Worldwide)

23/09/2020: CinéDOC Tbilisi Documentary Film Festival - Special Screening (Georgia)

18/01/2020: Salaam Cinema in Baku - Regular screening (Azerbaijan)

17/01/2020: The Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers in Baku - Regular screening (Azerbaijan)

15/01/2020: YARAT Contemporary Art Space in Baku - Azerbaijani premiere (Azerbaijan)

Bayaty-Shiraz (2014)
Tar Mugham Azerbaijan


The film about tar performer Mahbub Shukuroglu and his famlily.


Director / Producer: Rashid Aghamaliyev

With: Mahbub Shukuroglu, Fakhriyya Mammadova, Igbal Mammadov

Music: Mahbub Shukuroglu, Nizami Allahverdiyev

Sound: Faig Babayev


17/10/2014: World premire (Worldwide)

15/10/2014: Festival of Sergei Parajanov - European premiere (Czech Republic)